What DIY Stands For?

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DIY is a very popular abbreviation nowadays, and it means you quite literally “do it yourself” as opposed to hiring fix it projects out to a handyman. Google, YouTube and even Pinterest are flooded with DIY tutorials, and many people tend to try them. First of all, it’s cheap, most of the things you can find in your home and you get to have fun while feeling like you’ve accomplished something in your home.

For some, this has become a stress relief and a great way to spend some time with their family, especially if the kids are involved. There is nothing so special about them considering the methods and rules. You can make whatever you want, or the things you actually need.

It will cost you less money than going to a shop. There are specialized stores that sell materials for DIY, as well as craft stores. You can combine and experiment with techniques, materials, colors and objects. And on my website, you will find great ideas for that. You can start with smaller projects and when you feel more comfortable go to for larger ones.

6 Best DIY Home Decoration Ideas

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There is no need to hire a professional planner when you can do it yourself. Home decorations are some of the most interesting things to experiment with. And if you can engage your family, you will have a great time creating new and spectacular things. Your possibilities are vast and you can make almost anything. Check out my list of home decorations below.

Make your kitchen necessities more fun

We all use all that boring packages that look lifeless on our kitchen shelves. Instead of them use jars and bottles. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes and use special colors to paint them. Make sure to put your favorite front and label them in a more decorative way.

Book hanger

You never thought that this can be possible, but it can save a lot of space and it can be a great way to place children’s book. For this, you will need a few wooden sticks some fabric rope and glue.

Wooden key holder

Always losing your keys around the house, with this key holder you will never lose it again. In order to make it, you will need one larger slab of wood, try to find one that already has the skin. If its raw, is should be put in the sun to dry at least two weeks. Once it’s dry, paint in colors you most like, the vivid the colors you use, the less likely you will forget to hand your keys. The preferred place is to hand it besides door, hammer nails into a slab, so they can support your keys.

Phone holder

How many time have cables made a mess out of your house, well I have a solution for you. You certainly have some used shampoo bottles or skin lotion. In an easy way, you can turn that bottle into a phone holder. Cut the bottle in half, but not to damage the back part of the bottle. Remove the front upper part of the bottle so that you get a holder. At the back upper part make a loop, so that your charger can go through it. Place the loop over a plug, attach the charger and put your phone into a case.

Make a catchall

Your tables sometimes can be crowded with everyday items, such as keys, change, business cards and so on. The best thing to get rid of the mess is to make small and interesting catchalls that will give your home decorative look. You can make them out of cardboard, fabric, leader, any material you can think of. Your possibilities are endless. It is important they have square or oval shape, so they can hold your items. Use paint, glitter, pearls, stones to cover their front surface and make them more beautiful.

Staircase book shelves

Built in shelving can be rather expensive, but why buy them, when you can make them. Use some plain wood, brush it and paint it. You can use colors that are most suitable to your home décor. Attach them to walls and place your book. Just for dozens of dollars, you will have a new shelf.

Huge DIY Trends in 2017

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DIY has become really popular in recent years and many bloggers deal with this topic. You can learn to make almost anything. If you are into home decoration, you can follow your own instincts and needs, but also the latest trends. So, what will 2017 bring us?

Navy blue

Gone are the ages of pastel or white interiors, navy blue is entering the stage in a big way. It doesn’t matter what you will change, but it would be a real shame not to put something in blue. Whether you will paint the walls, or color kitchen isles, or make some accessorize, the navy blue will give your home some new vibe and positive energy.


This is a Danish concept of knitting, if you already don’t know it, it’s time to learn it because it will be a huge trend in 2017. Danish people used this cover to protect themselves from cold winters. Even though it looks complicated, it’s really easy to learn to knit a hygge. This will make your bedroom or living room more appealing and you can warm yourself during the winter months.

Indoor plants and pots

By having plants in your house, you will give it more natural look and create your oasis of peace. For this, you can make hanging pots of plastic bottles or jars. Decorate them in your manner so that they can match the rest of the house. Sometimes all it takes is a new plant to freshen your home.


Even though many metals are popular, people will use copper the most to make different objects. First of all, this material is extremely flexible, and it has beautiful natural color, similar to gold, so you won’t have to paint it. You just need to be creative enough to make beautiful objects.

3 Spectacular DIY Backyard Decorations

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If you live in a house and have a backyard you know how important that green space is. This is one of the most useful and versatile areas of your home that can be used for various purposes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing, planting and even maintaining your yard and garden. The most important thing is to make your yard organized and safe for children play. Here is what I suggest for you:

Outdoor sofas

When you are out, enjoying the sun and clean air, you will want your own place to lay down. For this, you will need few wooden pallets, nails, sponge and fabric. Depending on the size and the amount, wooden pallets are ideal for this job, they are rather large and for one sofa, you won’t need more than four. Connect the pallets with nails and for sitting area cover sponge with fabric and sew it. Try to create something like a thin mattress and spread it over the pallets. You can design your own pillows, make pillow cases out or fabric, chop sponge and fill them with it. Here your go, easy and cheap, but a great way to lay down and relax.

Wooden pots

Have flowers, but want to make them more interesting? There is no better way than making your own pots. You just need to buy some wood, if you don’t already have it, nails, hammer, and paint. You can experiment with shapes and sizes, depending on what you plan to use the pots for. They will be a nice accessory below your windows. Or you can make your plant pot, where you can plant spices and salad greens. Or if you like to experiment, you can make really decorative pots, paint them and place them on your veranda, you can even hang them, to give them more visual appeal.

Vine box garden

If you are into gardening and want to produce your own vegetable and spices, you can use vine boxes for this purpose. Find or buy some boxes, fill them with earth and plant your vegetables. In this way, your backyard won’t look messy and you will give it a special appeal. It will be more decorated, it’s like having a garden, but no garden. Everything can be arranged in a nice manner.