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About Us

Hi, my name is Penelope Jenkins and DIY has been my life for several years now. It all started when my twins turned five years old, and I found a new and interesting way to interact with them. I engaged them in my activities in the fond hope of separating them from screens. We started creating beautiful crafts for our house, which soon became our hobby and later my occupation.

When friends and family took an interest in my hobby and started asking me questions on how to decorate their house, I decided to start this blog. Here I will share everything that I’ve learned so far and post the latest updates regarding DIY home décor and craft.

My mission is to give you the best head start, and with my tips, you will soon become a DIY expert. What I’ve learned so far is that: small things make life, same goes for your home. You can buy the most expensive furniture and the latest technology, but if you don’t put your stamp, you will never feel homey there. Make your home more approachable and a place where your family will feel relaxed.