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3 Spectacular DIY Backyard Decorations

Published January 25, 2017 in Decorations - 0 Comments

If you live in a house and have a backyard you know how important that green space is. This is one of the most useful and versatile areas of your home that can be used for various purposes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing, planting and even maintaining your yard and garden. The most important thing is to make your yard organized and safe for children play. Here is what I suggest for you:

Outdoor sofas

When you are out, enjoying the sun and clean air, you will want your own place to lay down. For this, you will need few wooden pallets, nails, sponge and fabric. Depending on the size and the amount, wooden pallets are ideal for this job, they are rather large and for one sofa, you won’t need more than four. Connect the pallets with nails and for sitting area cover sponge with fabric and sew it. Try to create something like a thin mattress and spread it over the pallets. You can design your own pillows, make pillow cases out or fabric, chop sponge and fill them with it. Here your go, easy and cheap, but a great way to lay down and relax.

Wooden pots

Have flowers, but want to make them more interesting? There is no better way than making your own pots. You just need to buy some wood, if you don’t already have it, nails, hammer, and paint. You can experiment with shapes and sizes, depending on what you plan to use the pots for. They will be a nice accessory below your windows. Or you can make your plant pot, where you can plant spices and salad greens. Or if you like to experiment, you can make really decorative pots, paint them and place them on your veranda, you can even hang them, to give them more visual appeal.

Vine box garden

If you are into gardening and want to produce your own vegetable and spices, you can use vine boxes for this purpose. Find or buy some boxes, fill them with earth and plant your vegetables. In this way, your backyard won’t look messy and you will give it a special appeal. It will be more decorated, it’s like having a garden, but no garden. Everything can be arranged in a nice manner.