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Huge DIY Trends in 2017

Published January 26, 2017 in Trends - 0 Comments

DIY has become really popular in recent years and many bloggers deal with this topic. You can learn to make almost anything. If you are into home decoration, you can follow your own instincts and needs, but also the latest trends. So, what will 2017 bring us?

Navy blue

Gone are the ages of pastel or white interiors, navy blue is entering the stage in a big way. It doesn’t matter what you will change, but it would be a real shame not to put something in blue. Whether you will paint the walls, or color kitchen isles, or make some accessorize, the navy blue will give your home some new vibe and positive energy.


This is a Danish concept of knitting, if you already don’t know it, it’s time to learn it because it will be a huge trend in 2017. Danish people used this cover to protect themselves from cold winters. Even though it looks complicated, it’s really easy to learn to knit a hygge. This will make your bedroom or living room more appealing and you can warm yourself during the winter months.

Indoor plants and pots

By having plants in your house, you will give it more natural look and create your oasis of peace. For this, you can make hanging pots of plastic bottles or jars. Decorate them in your manner so that they can match the rest of the house. Sometimes all it takes is a new plant to freshen your home.


Even though many metals are popular, people will use copper the most to make different objects. First of all, this material is extremely flexible, and it has beautiful natural color, similar to gold, so you won’t have to paint it. You just need to be creative enough to make beautiful objects.