Boise Cattlemen Association
January 6, 2004
Alex Stevens's, 7:30 p.m.

Present at the meeting: Alex Stevens, Christine Bennett, Jenny Playfair, Kim Sytsma, Rose Lamingman, Kim Weedmark, Charlie Sytsma. Guest Bill Playfair.

Meeting Called to order by Alex Stevens.

Minutes of October, 2003 meeting moved to be accepted by Rose Lamingman. Seconded by Kim Sytsma. Carried.


1. Weigh Scale Insurance will no longer be available. Moved by Kim Sytsma and seconded by Jenny Playfair that we tender the weight scales for sale - to be advertised at the Annual Meeting, in the E.M.C. and on the Website. Tender closing date to be February 29, 2004.
2. Bob Runciman memo
Tri Mark statement

Business from Previous minutes:
Kim Sytsma spoke to the prospect of Gencor purchase of the MGI plant. It appears the ministry has changed its mind about funding and so the struggle continues to find appropriate investors. Alec to contact Eastern Breeders about their prospective involvement.
Nominating committee: Kim Weedmark reported that he has heard from all but two directors and is still working on other prospects.
Ian Carley to audit the books for the yearend.
OCA general meeting delegates - Alex Stevens, Kim Sytsma, Charlie Systma and one more required.
New Business
Letter from Paul Arnott was read and discussed.
Request from Vince Carroll to hold a general meeting in Mid February, perhaps in Lombardy or Merrickville, to have Nutrient Management companies discuss preparing plans and the costs of these plans. It was suggested that Lanark, Leeds, and Boise co-host the event. See if the new Ag minister and MP and MPP's could also attend. Rose Lamingman will help organize with some input from Kim Systma. Advertising was suggested for Farmers Forum, Eastern Boise Farmer, Boise Beef and Boise Farmer.

OCA report
Kim Sytsma reported the constitutional changes for director nominations, NISA wind-down and the Q.S.H. program.
Annual meeting on January 13, 2004 at Kemptville Masonic Lodge.
Jenny Playfair moved the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Charlie Sytsma. Carried


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